"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep." - Scott Adams

TESLA Tom Cappadona is simply stellar as Thomas Edison, the self-made businessman whose investment in direct current leads him to encourage the electrocution of puppies and people to show the dangers of Tesla’s alternating current. David Kent

IN THE PARLANCE Director Keith Oncale keeps all this moving in cramped surroundings with a large cast where the standard of performance is high. But it is Cappadona’s performance as Chaz Lupo that is the show’s centerpiece – authoritative, but remarkably naturalistic. Karl Levett

Larry Cadman’s HOME BREW deals with death’s aftermath. Here a father, Fred Atticks, played with such conviction by Tom Cappadona that you literally ache in empathy, returns to his mobile home. Backstage

PANIC AT THE RIVERSIDE MOTEL "Detective and Motel Manager were great!" "Tom Cappadona stood out, as always. I recommend the play." "The acting was good especially the Manager Tom Cappadona. He was very comfortable with his voice and presence." "Enjoyed every moment of this production. FAMILY OF STRANGERS Acting Superb from all actors, but especially the father played by Tom Capadona." "It can not be easy to be in a bed onstage for 90 or so minutes playing a dying father, but Tom Cappadona gave a great performance doing so. I saw some De Niro in him, well deserved high praise indeed." (Goldstar)